Automation System Including Source Code For Multi-Channel Broadcasters or Broadcast Suppliers


Brief History

Frank Ivan and Mark Fine founded NOVUS Development in Denver, Colorado in early 2001. During the years following, the system described in this document was developed.

Frankís introduction to the automation system business was in the early 80ís when he wrote a master control automation system for WNEP Television in Scranton, PA. Shortly thereafter, he wrote election return and school closing systems that were sold by the hundreds.

From 1980 until about 1990, Mark held various positions at Columbine (later became Encoda and is now Harris) including V.P. Sales & Marketing and V.P. Business Development. In 1990, Mark started the Automation Business Unit for Encoda, which is where he and Frank first met. In 1996 Mark left Encoda.

In early 2000 NOVUS installed the Satellite Record Manager and developed the NOVUS Digital Librarian at KRMA in Denver. In July of 2001 NOVUS entered into a development partnership with WXXI in Rochester, NY to co-develop the rest of the NOVUS System, the fully integrated, multi-channel automation system described in this document. In July of 2002 WXXI went live on the NOVUS System.

Over the next 3 years, the system was sold to and installed in 8 additional public stations. But NOVUS success hinged on a pending deal to the NY Times Broadcast Group to install the 8 NY Times stations and their Digital Operations Center. This deal never came to fruition for NOVUS on its own and eventually a triangular deal was struck that included NOVUS Development, WideOrbit Inc, and the NY Times Broadcast Group whereby NOVUS licensed the system to WideOrbit who in turn licensed it to the NY Times. This arrangement was culminated in early 2005 and as of the writing of this document, 2 of the NY Times stations have been successfully implemented by WideOrbit with the remaining stations to be implemented by the end of 2006.