Automation System Including Source Code For Multi-Channel Broadcasters or Broadcast Suppliers


System Highlights

State-of-the-Art and Portable The Automation System was developed using object oriented C++ code predominantly under the Windows 2000 operating system. The NOVUS System was also developed to be portable so that it can be easily migrated to run under the LINUX operating system should the end user so desire.
Developed at Television Stations Each Automation subsystem was developed in collaboration with the station engineers and operators at Rocky Mountain PBS in Denver, CO and WXXI TV in Rochester, NY.
Integrated Archive Management The part of the AUTOMATION System that manages the movement of video between video servers (online storage) and archives (nearline storage), and interfaces with Avalon, has been working near flawlessly at Rocky Mountain PBS for over 5 years.
Sophisticated Use of Metadata The AUTOMATION System attaches metadata to each video server clip that follows the clip into the archive. As a result, each clip can be played to air without having to access an external database. Use of metadata in this way also eliminates database synchronization problems.
Distributed Architecture with Automatic Failover The AUTOMATION System employs a distributed architecture whereby realtime control is separate from schedule management and each device controlled has its own NOVUS RTP72 realtime control device. By virtue of this unique hardware approach, each RTP72 delivers powerful reliability features. With further development and by utilizing redundant Schedule Managers, dual LAN switches with crossover connectivity, and multiple LAN connections to each RTP72, all single points of failure could be eliminated.
Frame Accurate Because each AUTOMATION RTP72 has its own processor with an embedded realtime operating system, true frame accuracy is achieved.
Tight Interface with Traffic The AUTOMATION System has a seven-way traffic system interface including, the import of on-air schedules, record schedules, dub orders, and purge orders, and the export of exact program timings, purge confirmations and as-run/discrepancy logs.
Unique Features The AUTOMATION System has a number of unique features including the ability to elegantly handle Voice over credits, live breaks and extended logo insertion.